“Nomada” Aitziber Etxeberria’s last book

“Nomada” Aitziber Etxeberria’s last book

portada1199Hanoi // Vietnam, winter of 2000.

The arrival of the new ambassador of the Soviet Union puts upside down the calm life of Nikolay Zaitsev and makes him leave his small world, the Theater of puppets. What at first seemed a routine conversation for the renewal of the passport, becomes unexpectedly an interrogation that stretches over time and becomes complicated, trying to clarify a death from the past. In this unusual novel that mixes intrigue, espionage plots and very close memories of war, the writer, like Nikolay Zaitsev, will dosage us with skill the information trying not to reveal all the secrets of blow. Because, in fact, being identified and controlled is the true fear of the nomad.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAitziber Etxeberria Garro (Zarautz, 1973), writer and our beloved older sister.

She has published two books until now:

Tango urdina (2003, Erein) and 31 baioneta (2007, Erein). She was awarded with Donostia, “Opera Prima” prize. Nomada is her third book in adult fiction.

She has also published a children book: Lapurrak dabiltza azokan (2010, Erein).

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